Hellman Avenue Street and Storm Drain Improvements

Aufbau provided engineering design, construction management support, and construction inspection services for the project. The project improved the drainage deficiencies within the area and enhanced the pedestrian and vehicular circulation by roadway and parkway improvements.

Hellman Avenue Street and Storm Drain project was constructed in two phases which constructed approximately 9,400 linear feet of storm drain mainline extending from a new drainage connection to Cucamonga Creek Channel at the downstream end of the project to San Bernardino Road. The project also included major street improvements within the above noted reach of Hellman Avenue. The construction cost of the project was approximately $16 million.

Phase 1 of the project extended from approximately 200 feet north of 8th Street to San Bernardino Road. Phase 2 of the project extended from Cucamonga Creek Channel to approximately 200 feet north of 8th Street. The master storm drain line comprised of reinforced concrete pipes ranging between 112 inches to 144 inches in diameter and included a new 31-ft wide drainage side connection conveying more than 2,100 cfs of runoff to Cucamonga Creek Channel.

The project entailed construction of the master storm drain mainline, installation of catch basins and storm drain laterals, manholes, widening of Hellman Avenue at the railroad track at 8th Street and trench repair and overlay of the entire reach of Hellman Avenue with rubberized hot mix asphalt. Installation of the storm drain mainline at the railroad track crossing was conducted by pipe jacking operation in order not to interrupt the rail traffic. This operation entailed extensive coordination with Metrolink and Southern California Regional Rail Authority, with continuous monitoring of the track for any movement during the 24 hour non-stop pipe jacking operation.

The new connection to Cucamonga Creek entailed extensive hydrology and hydraulic studies and a 3D modeling of the Cucamonga Creek Channel towards the approvals of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and San Bernardino County Flood Control District.


Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Client: City of Rancho Cucamonga
Construction Cost: $16M
Services provided:

  • Construction inspection
  • Construction management support services
  • Engineering design