Multi-Service Engineering and Construction Management Consultants

Aufbau is a California corporation which has been serving Southern California since 1998, providing engineering design, design oversight, project management, construction management, and construction inspection services for a wide variety of public works projects. Backed by a broad and wide-ranging professional experience, earned through nearly two decades of service, Aufbau delivers its services on time, and within budget.

Aufbau has provided services for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule, and complexity to public agencies in Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. The projects have included freeways, highways, streets, railroad crossings, grade separations, bridges, sewer lift stations, libraries, parks, storm drains, drainage channels, water mains, sewer mains, undergrounding of overhead utilities, and trails. Aufbau’s services also include comprehensive peer review, constructability review, value engineering, plan review, and building code-consulting services.

At Aufbau skilled and seasoned professionals represent many facets of the engineering and building profession. Brought together by a shared vision and common commitment, Aufbau places professional commitment above all. At Aufbau, we are dedicated to establishing and maintaining long-standing relationships with our clients and proudly retain nearly all of our clients for repeat projects – we believe this is a testament to our strong client focus and dedication.

Our personnel are comprised of engineers, project managers, program managers, construction managers, construction inspectors, and plans examiners, who are supported by experienced technical writers, engineering assistants, and administrative staff. The experience and performance of these professionals translate to superior quality of work and timely delivery of projects.

Aufbau is committed to providing excellent client consultant relationship through the principles of communication, teamwork, responsiveness, honesty, integrity, and trust.

About the Name

Aufbau is named after a building-up-principle formulated by Danish physicist Niels Bohr.  The principle is rationalization of the distribution of electrons among energy levels in the most stable states of atoms. The principle is an application of the laws of quantum mechanics to the properties of electron subject to the electric field created by the positive charge on the nucleus.  The building-up denoted by the name of the principle is a process in which electrons are regarded as entering this electric filed one by one and assuming their most stable positions with respect to it.  Under Aufbau Principle electrons are placed as close to the bottom of an energy level as possible, as an electron cannot occupy a higher level unless the lower levels of an atom are provided with the appropriate electrons to complete and satisfy the level.

At Aufbau we view our hands on and supportive management team as the positive charge on the nucleus of the company, which is complimented with seasoned and competent staff assigned only to projects in their areas of expertise – most stable state.

The premise behind the Aufbau Principle is the driving force of our daily operations, it is the manner by which we recruit, promote, and retain our staff; provide services to our clients; and conduct our company growth.  Our name is our daily reminder to be true to our profession.