Cannon Road Lift Station

Aufbau provided construction management support and construction inspection services for the construction of Cannon Road Lift Station.

The project entailed grading of a portion of an existing storm drain detention basin to accommodate a site for the lift station and the associated wells. The runoff entering the detention basin was redirected under Cannon Road through 42-inch diameter and 36-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipes.

The pump station consisted of three 130 HP submersible pumps (2 duty, 1 standby) for a peak daily flow of 3.2 MGD. The wet well and the valve well were reinforced concrete structures approximately 20 feet in diameter, approximately 30 feet and 15 feet in buried depth, respectively. The 1,600 square feet lift station structure housed three 350 KW diesel powered generators, a programmable logic controller, transformers, motor controls, meters, and the chemical storage room and tank.

Location: Carlsbad, CA
Client: City of Carlsbad
Construction Cost: $4M
Services provided:

  • Construction inspection
  • Construction management support services